Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA)

RUHSA Department provides both secondary and primary level health care services to a
population of 120,000 in K.V Kuppam block and also to the residents of other neighboring blocks through its 70-bed Community Health Center and 23 Peripheral Service Centers. Outpatient services include general clinic and specialty clinics for antenatal, well baby, diabetes, TB, HIV, ENT, ophthal, psychiatry, Orthopedics, Dental Care, cancer care, HIV and AIDS counseling, nutrition counselling, occupational therapy services.

Community development programs:

RUHSA directs several programs to advance the health, education and socio-economic status of the community like:-

  • 1.Microfinance/ Microcredit schemes for Self help women groups.
  • 2.Youth Clubs
  • 3.Farmers clubs
  • 4.Elderly day care centers
  • 5.Play center for rural children