Toxicology and occupational health OPD Services :

The following patients may be referred to the clinic :
  • Follow up of patients who are discharged with acute poisoning (accidental and deliberate self-harm) for psychiatric counselling, rehabilitation and followup.
  • Follow up of patients who are discharged with snake envenomation
  • Suspected chronic poisoning
Such as :

Toxin induced peripheral neuropathy, irritant dermatitis, chemical burns, phototoxic chemical exposure, industrial agent induced cardiotoxicity, nephrotoxicants - exposure to heavy metals and halogenated hydrocarbons, phosphorus and phosphide associated hepatotoxicity, suspected super-warfarin poisoning, aplastic anemia secondary to suspected chemical exposure, non-oxidative chemical induced hemolysis, microcytic anemia in suspected Lead poisoning, megaloblastic anemia in suspected Arsenic poisoning

  • Drug toxicity or interactions
  • Occupational health problems
  • Alcohol and drug dependence

Toxicology IP referral service :

We will also do rounds to review, provide advice regarding and document cases admitted with acute poisoning or envenomation



8:00am to 12:00pm

Doctors /Faculties - Toxicology and Occupational Health