Community Medicine

The Community Health Department is keen on providing primary care to the community around the Chittoor campus. Instead of duplicating the services, we would like to explore the possibilities of working with the government. Based on earlier discussions with the Deputy Director of Health Services of Chittoor district, the priority areas would be maternal health services for high-risk pregnant women, growth monitoring, nutrition and screening, and treatment for non-communicable diseases.

Village Clinics

Weekly once morbidly clinics are conducted for the people in the village.

Main users are patients with non communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

At present we have 4 clinics

  • At Bandapalli (On every Tuesday)
  • At Mapakshi (On every Thursday)
  • At Chittapara (On every Friday)
  • At Kanipakkam (Once a month clinic)


Village Camps

We conduct village camps in the surrounding villages, organized by the local community leaders. The main activities of the camps are

Health Education

On the current health issues in the village


  • For diabetes and hypertension for those above 40yrs and vulnerable groups
  • Visual impairments


General Health Check Up

All age groups


The patients who require further evaluation and treatment or specialised care are referred to the base hospital at Chittoor Campus.

Blood Donation Camps

Blood donation camps were organised along with the CMCVELLORE Blood bank for

  • College students at CNR College Gudipala
  • Hospital staff and relatives of patients at Chittoor Campus


School Health Program

School health check up in the local and private schools for staff and students.

  • Adolescent health
  • Dengue fever which is endemic in the local area

Organic Farm

Making a model farm to educate people to grow their own vegetables and eat healthy

Inputs from the local government organic farmers and environmentalist are utilised





Social Activities in the Village

  • Interactive sessions with the women self help groups on various issues in the village
  • Starting alcoholic counseling for the patients and caregivers at home, along with psychiatry department
  • Mental health awareness and survey is being planned
  • Geriatric club
  • Getting the Geriatric age group to have interactive sessions once a week is planned

Village Development Program

Interactive sessions on farming and water conservation are being organised for the local farmers


Tuberculosis control Programme

  • Patients suspected of having tuberculosis are screened with sputum CBNAAT TEST by the District Tuberculosis Centre in Chittoor
  • The Public Private Partnership TB PROGRAM and Community health and Pulmonary medicine together are working on this project
  • Process of starting a DOTS Centre at Chittoor Campus is on with the District RNTCP


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